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A1 Traxcalibur - The Dreamer (Remastered Original Mix) 05’40"
A2 Belgica Wave - The Wave (Remastered Original Mix) 05’28"
A3 Joyrider - The Deadline (Remastered N.Y. Mix) 05’08"
B1 Aqua Contact - La Sirena (Remastered Original Mix) 06’04"
B2 Belgica Wave - I’ll Be Your Guest (Remastered Original Mix) 05’25"
B3 Bam Bam - La Casa (Remastered Original Mix) 05’49"

C1 Dreamland - Excalibur (Remastered Original Mix) 06’10”
C2 Dream Your Dream - Galileo’s Trip (Remastered Original Mix) 06’40"
C3 X-Change - The Indians (Remastered Original Mix) 04’41"
D1 Yves Deruyter - Rave City (Remastered Original Mix) 04’59"
D2 Dreamland - Mind Penetration (Remastered Original Mix) 04’12"
D3 B.W.P. Experiments - Feel The House Of E. (Remastered Original Mix) 08’02”



Take a trip down memory lane and relive the early 90’s with Bonzai’s second foray into the compilation arena – Extreme Chapter. Originally released on CD only in 1993, the sound of the underground rose up to the masses, showcasing a plethora of top tracks and a rising talent pool within the Belgian electronic music scene. It was just 1 year since the birth of the label and already the back catalogue was stuffed with club and rave hits. The Bonzai brand soon became synonymous with banging beats and sweaty mega-raves, and all this was thanks to a huge upsurge of talented youngsters. The demand for the music was growing and collections such as this were a must have. We’ve curated a choice selection of bangers from the original release, remastered and cut to vinyl on this limited 2x12 inch release, including tracks from Traxcalibur, Belgica Wave, Joyrider, Aqua Contact, Bam Bam, Dream Your Dream, X-Change, Yves Deruyter, B.W.P. Experiments and two from Dreamland including the bonus track, Excalibur. A fine slice of wax that will fast become a very much sought-after piece.


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