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A1. Ahl Iver - 7AM
A2. Ahl Iver - 7AM (Milo Spykers Remix)
B1. Ahl Iver - Haunted Patterns
B2. Ahl Iver - Rave Simulator


If you've come across Amelie Lens' all-new fabric presents mix, then the name of Ahl Iver shall definitely ring a bell. In addition to a forthcoming appearance at the next Exhale party in Antwerp in February 2020, where he'll get to share the stage with Richie Hawtin, Helena Hauff, Kobosil, Stephanie Sykes and the whole LENSKE family, new sensation Ahl Iver is undeniably on the cusp of big things, and his debut EP, 'Haunted Patterns', sets the tone in gutsy fashion. 

The opening track '7AM' features a punchy gabber kick and rush, hard-hitting drums and a healthy dose of slimy acid squelch to leave you dazed and confused for a while. Adding his ever efficient spin to the original, LENSKE mainstay Milo Spykers reworks the groove onto straightforward clubby railway as he sure knows well how to subdue the dancers through the most wildly enjoyable ankle-twisting/brain-melting manoeuvres.

As its name suggests the title-track 'Haunted Patterns' is a spooky dance floor affair. Allowing a 4/4 hell to break loose on the basement while enveloping it in further hypnotic synths and intense cosmic vibrations. Lovers of classic Altern-8 style hardcore shall find the perfect outlet to their headbanging fantasies in the euphoria-inducing 'Rave Simulator'. With four cuts tailored to take clubs and dance floors by storm, Ahl Iver steps up for his debut record on LENSKE. 


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