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A1. Milo Spykers - Stainless Steel
A2. Milo Spykers - Blood Hound
B1. Milo Spykers - Belgian Bass
B2. Milo Spykers - Cjax


Belgium's Milo Spykers pays homage to his homeland with "Belgian Bass" EP, featuring four old school rave cuts set for release on his resident label,Lenske Records.

Part of the Lenske family since its inception, DJ/Producer Milo Spykers returns to Lenske Records for his fourth EP on the Belgian label. Packed with four explosive tracks, the EP marks another stand-out release for Spykers following his "Accelerator" EP last summer.

Kicking off with authority is the thunderous opening track "Stainless Steel", armed with a marching kickdrum and whompy bass. The track breaks down midwa yto give way to a weighted synth melody and flared hi hats that conjoin with a triad of melodic themes, creating an intoxicating blend of rhythm and sound. Next up and packed with explosive pairings is "Blood Hound". Taunting synths and a punching kick create a propulsive rhythm. More chaotic than its predecessor, an array of drums are used to raise the intensity. Sinister synth notes blend seamlessly with the dramatic percussion that feels custom built for dark, thumping techno basements.

On the flip is title track "Belgian Bass", a high voltage stomper with a powerful kick, jackin' rhythm and metallic textures. Siren like synths sound out amongst powerful snares and cymbals. Creating an almost cinematic feeling, the track is brilliantly hectic, broken up by a solitary clap before the chaos resumes. Lastly is "Cjax", a raucous roller that feels like a perfect peak time energy spike, ending the record on a triumphant high note. Gurgling vocal samples stir beneath a driving kick drum and syncopated hi hats,while stabbing chords cut across the soundscape, intertwined with elongated droning synth notes that echo in the distance.

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