Kölsch - Speicher 93

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€ 15,00 (inclusief btw)


A1 - Grey

B1 -Kir



2023 Repress

Following his massively successful second album 1983 (KOMPAKT 329 CD 122) from last year and the start of his very own imprint IPSO in 2016, celebrated Danish producer and live performer KÖLSCH remains as much in demand as he keeps those bangers coming. For SPEICHER 93, his latest contribution to our acclaimed series, he concocts two very special cuts that pick up where his preceding Speicher releases left off: digging deep into heartfelt, catchy melodies and giving them an impelling beat foundation to ride out their trip, both the brass-infused GREY and the flipside's jacking club monster KIR push for epic dance floor moments - we consider these among Kölsch's best output so far, which means quite a lot, considering that we're talking about the brilliant mind behind face-melting modern classics such as "Loreley" (KOMPAKT EXTRA 68), "Opa" (KOMPAKT EXTRA 70), "Cassiopeia" with Gregor Schwellenbach (KOMPAKT EXTRA 79) or "DerDieDas" (KOMPAKT EXTRA 84).

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