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A1. Robbie Tronco - Fright Train (Original Mix)
A2. Robbie Tronco - Fright Train
B1. Robbie Tronco - Fright Train (DJ Ghost Extended Remix)
B2. Robbie Tronco - Fright Train (Mac Zimms Remix)



Re-release of this all time classic by Robbie Tronco including remixes by DJ Ghost & Mac Zimms. Remastered, on Translucent Red vinyl!

"Fright Train" was originally released in 1998 and has since become a true classic in the house scene. With its signature beat and rousing synths, the song revolutionized the clubs at the time and is still played by DJs around the globe to date.

With DJ Ghost's new remix, "Fright Train" gets a modern update while keeping the essence of the original, ready to rumble festival stages. Known for his catchy and energetic productions, the Belgian DJ and producer has once again proven why he belongs to the top.

The release of this new version of "Fright Train" is sure to send a wave of nostalgia among the older generation of house lovers, while also appealing to a new generation unfamiliar with the original.

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