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(A1) Metal Master – Spectrum (Bart Skils & Weska Reinterpretation)
(B1) Metal Master – Spectrum (Original Mix)

You may have already been waiting for this one. After the limited splattered one-sided vinyl edition, this 12-inch pressing comes with the remastered original mix on the B-side.

The original, the second release on the label Harthouse at the time, is an all-time classic and went down in the music history of Frankfurt. Thirty years later, the track by Sven Väth and A.C. Boutsen has not lost its shine and will certainly continue to provide goosebump moments.

Techno is all too often described as timeless but while most of it eventually evaporates into the ether, there are some riffs, melodies, and breakdowns that remain etched into our collective consciousness forever. Legendary Frankfurt label Harthouse is home to more than its fair share of such moments, but you must go all the way back to 1992, the opening strains of the Metal Master classic ‘Spectrum’ to locate the source for this special single-sided remix release.

The common denominator and catalyst to all this is of course Sven Väth, co-creator of ‘Spectrum’ and founder of both Harthouse and Cocoon Recordings, while the independent variables in the equation are Bart Skils and Weska, who lend their considerable talent and vision to this sublime makeover.

Coming on like rolling thunder, sparks fly immediately as crackling vocoder licks, silky ride cymbals and soaring arpeggios build an atmosphere taut with anticipation before giving way to that iconic melody - a love letter from Frankfurt to Ibiza, wrought from metal, drenched in distortion yet pulling at the heartstrings - the perfect soundtrack to any chemical sunrise.

It‘s a powerful re-interpretation that pays the warmest respects to the original and, despite the relentless groove, there is still room for sentimentality - an invitation to momentarily pause for thought and reflect on the journey so far as the sumptuous breakdown washes over the dance-floor. But not for long, the simmering bass line soon emerges from the euphoria and the track kicks in again, driving us forward towards a new, uncharted spectrum of possibilities.

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