Dominik Eulberg - Backslash EP

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A. Opel Tantra
B. Noch Ein Bass im Ärmel


Dominik Eulberg - Backslash EP

Label : Herzblut 

Style : Tech House


‘Backslash’ opens with ‘Opel Tantra’, a delectable example of a living, breathing techno orchestra in full effect. Here, a classic kick drum meets rejoicing, iridescent strings that sing and swell in the fore until a funky bass riff takes the entire score straight into dance floor territory. B-side ‘Noch Ein Bass im Ärmel’ sees plucked strings and key stabs pick out an alluring groove, as distant chimes twinkle evoking the enchanted forest ever-present in Eulberg’s thoughts. Just as you’re on the cusp of entering a dream like state, Eulberg reminds us all of his four-to-the-floor techno credentials, dropping a dark and rumbling bass line and driving percussions into the mix.


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