Volen Sentir / Kasper Koman – The Lost Remixes

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€ 16,00 (inclus TVA)


A. Volen Sentir - The Great Escape (Cornucopia Remix)
B. Kasper Koman - Loco Motif (Tantum Remix)


The Malta-based label Lost & Found has just exposed a new two-track dancefloor weapon to the world! It's one of those releases that fans of the genre waited for for countless months. Would it be possible to imagine Cornucopia's take on The Great Escape by Volen Sentir and Tantum's vision of Loco Motif by Kasper Koman? No! However, the release speaks for itself. The two masterpieces have an otherworldly attitude surpassing the unwritten rules of music classifications and satisfying the emotional needs of the global audience.
Throughout over fifteen minutes of pure brilliance, the material delivers temperament, excellence and elegant futuristic audio concepts.

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