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Style : Trance Classic - Picture Disc


A : Out Of Time 
B1 : Greatest Hope 
B2 : Inside My Soul


It was the starting point of a beautiful musical adventure between Mr Sam & Fred Baker.

For the story, Inside My Soul was composed first, we were looking for each other musically speaking. The result is a very good track rather clubby in its atmosphere. Great classic of the Bush after party and still played nowadays.

Then came Greatest Hope, faster bpm with a techno groove a la "Underworld" with a break where the beautiful strings form a stunning contrast. In the end this track is a perfect example of the versatility we had in the studio.

Finally, the pearl of the E.P. and the stumbling block of the rest of the series, in a way the founding stone of our touch, our so atypical style, in other words our signature.

As you may know by now, the main inspiration for this now legendary track came from Sasha "Belfunk". Mr. Sam used to play it a lot at the Bush every week as a DJ and absolutely wanted to do the « Belgian version » of Belfunk. This Sasha record really served as a template like a recipe.

From memory the record was produced from start to finish in one afternoon take. It was immediately tested at La Bush in the following days and nothing was changed afterwards.

For your information, the entire series was composed in Tournai (Belgium) not far from La Bush Club. It is important to know that all the music that was composed for the series, was done with the intention that it be played at La Bush. The atmosphere of the club and the music was without a doubt the main source of our inspiration.

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