Bonzai Compilation III - Rave Nation (Blue) - 2LP

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Bonzai Compilation III - Rave Nation

Label : Bonzai Classics

Format : 2x12" - Remastered - Blue Vinyl

Style :  Techno - Hard Trance


We continue to dig into the archives to unleash the Bonzai sound on to a new generation of fans and stir up cherished memories for those that know. Bonzai Compilation III – Rave Nation first saw the light of day in 1994 on CD and showcased the talents of a fine roster of in-house artists who were churning out hit after hit. Despite only being two years old at the time, Bonzai Records had already taken the electronic dance music world by storm with previous comps proving hugely popular across Europe and continues to do so with enthusiasm to this day. For the vinyl collectors, we’ve selected and remastered 9 tracks off the original release from Aqua Contact, Techno Junkies, 3XXX, Dialectrum, Jones & Stephenson, Airplay, Bountyhunter, Yves Deruyter and B.W.P. Experiments along with a first-time-on-vinyl appearance for Yves Deruyter’s remix of La Sirena by Aqua Contact. This limited 2x12” presented in a gatefold sleeve with original artwork is the perfect curation, providing you with a mighty arsenal of weapons to unleash on the dance floor.


A1. Aqua Contact - La Sirena (Yves Deruyter Remix) 7’13” 
A2. Techno Junkies - Entropy Step (Remastered Original Mix) 05’10"
B1. 3XXX - Disable (Remastered Original Mix) 04’48”
B2. Dialectrum - Pitchfall (Remastered Hard Trance Mix) 06’54”
B3. Jones & Stephenson - The Second Rebirth (Remastered Original Mix) 05’53”
C1. Airplay - Arctic Trance (Remastered Original Mix) 06’40”
C2. B.W.P. Experiments - Triad (Remastered Original Mix) 06’54”
D1. Techno Junkies - Trip To E-Land (Remastered Fly Out Mix) 06’39”
D2. DJ Jones & DJ Bountyhunter - Speed Area (Remastered Megarave Mix) 05’58”
D3. Yves Deruyter - Trance City (Remastered Original Mix) 04’59”


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